Decision Trees

Select a decision tree and you will be taken to the first question ​in a series of options and paths. To answer a question click the bubble next to the answer that you would like to choose​, then click "Next" on the bottom right corner to proceed. Continue working your way through the questions clicking "Next" until you reach the end​, or "Go Back" to review other options ​. ​​Further explanations​ and links to resources​ ​are provided when​ever​ ​available and ​appropriate​.​

When you reach the end of your path on the decision tree you will see your ​result or ​answer to the overarching question as well as a "Start Over" button in the bottom right corner.

If you have a question that's not answered here, please refer to MCTAC's FAQ tool or the Tools and Resources page of​ ​​ MCTAC will continue to develop and add additional ​Decision ​Trees to support provider knowledge around various elements of the transition to Medicaid managed care.

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